crafter's unite!
September 02, 2005

The hurricane stuff is really sad and right now completely insane. The government was supposed to be "prepared" for such tragedies or so we were told after 9-11. But yet again there's been a delayed start to the relief efforts and the mayor's of New Orleans and other cities are fed up! I think its pretty bad when the mayor of New Orleans is telling the press he doesn't want to do anymore interviews or press conferences until he actually sees some troops or relief coming into his city.

So in my small attempt to contribute and help this cause all I can do is tell you about the cause I am helping promote.

Here's a great way to donate that benefits you and the cause.

Crafty peeps from all over the country are donating items from their independant craft businesses to sell on an Etsy store (etsy is sort of an e-bay type website for 100% handmade items) & all the proceeds from the purchases are going to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund.

All you have to do is buy a great handmade item and all the $$ from your purchase goes over to the Red Cross. My craft venture will be contributing some items from my business over the weekend but there's already tons of great jewelry, bags, cards, beauty products and all
sorts of items already up for sale ranging from items for only a few dollars - to over $100! So shop & help a great cause.

Don't be afraid its not your grandma's type crafts.....

Please let anyone you know about this cause and send them the link.

Shop DIY for the cause


For information about this group & cause check out Crafter's United

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